Foster Program: Providing foster care is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless animals. In the fostering journey, you will find that what you get back from helping these animals is tenfold.

Cat Placement: We run a small, limited admission, No-Kill rescue and adoption program for homeless kittens and special needs cats through a volunteer foster network (we don’t have a shelter). Because of limited resources, we are not always able to take in every cat who needs a new home, but can always help you with the re-homing process.

Feral Cat Assistance: Veterinary assistance for unowned, free-roaming cats in the Newtown area who are unsocialized to people.

Emergency Rescue: Please contact your local Animal Control Dept. in case of an injured animal. Newtown Animal Control’s Telephone No. is (203)426-6900. We do not have the resources to respond to injured companion animals or wildlife.

Spay/Neuter Assistance: Low-cost spay/neuter services for caretakers of free-roaming, unowned stray and feral cats in Newtown.

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