Kitten Named Lucky

Lucky the kitten

Lucky: rescued at 8 weeks old

It was an unseasonably cold day in early May when we received a call from our veterinary partner, the Cat Clinic. A Good Samaritan had found a tiny kitten by the dumpster at his condo complex. He searched for a mama cat and other kittens but did not find a soul. In fact, he was surprised to see this little one. In all the years he had lived there he had never spotted a stray cat. This kitten very well could have been dumped.

It was obvious the kitten wasn’t faring well: her face was a slimy mess from goopy, thick eye and nasal secretions. She wheezed with each short breath. He scooped her up and took her to the closest veterinarian he could find.

The Cat Clinic examined her and determined that she had a severe upper respiratory infection, which can be deadly if left untreated in an animal her age.  But her overall prognosis was good.

The Cat Clinic reached out to The Animal Center to see if we would take her into our foster program. We didn’t hesitate to help. This little kitten was in terrible condition, needing round the clock care and loads of TLC.  Had this kind man not found her–or turned the other way–she would not have made it. We named her Lucky.

We placed her with one of our most experienced foster homes. After settling in for a few days, Lucky’s foster mom, Angela, noticed something was terribly wrong with her left eye. It had ruptured, which means the liquid inside the eyeball was leaking out, the eye was collapsing and irreparable damage was likely occurring.

Of course, this happened after-hours on a weekend, so off to Newtown Veterinary Specialists she went. Their amazing staff and doctors treated Lucky’s eye to ensure she was not in pain but her vision in that eye was now gone.

Lucky’s next trip was to visit leading veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Clinton Doering, at the Eye Care for Animals in Norwalk, CT.  After a thorough examination, he determined she had lost sight in both eyes and while there was a slight chance one may respond well to medication and remain, the odds were she’d need both eyes removed. Lucky left the clinic with powerful oral and topical antibiotics and we hoped for the best.

And for a few days it seemed Lucky’s eyes were improving–we were overjoyed! But then on a Saturday late afternoon her right eye became alarmingly swollen and, yet again, she was rushed to Newtown Veterinary Specialists. There was no doubt then that both eyes had to be removed—as soon as possible.

Dr. Fanning at the Cat Clinic performed the surgery. Lucky got through it amazingly well and has been recovering with her foster family since. Lucky has to wear an e-collar, which she hates and tries with all her might to wrestle out of it, so Angela spends every free moment with her–even sleeps with her–to distract her from the collar and also to make sure she feels safe and loved.

Despite all the hardship she has been through in the short time she’s been on this planet, Lucky is one of the most loving, cuddly and playful kittens we’ve ever met. Losing her sight does not hold her back one bit. She loves to explore and wiggles her little body in anticipation of the pounce! In other words, she is pure love and all kitten!

After hearing her story and knowing she lost her vision at just 8 weeks old, you may wonder why we continue to call her Lucky. But when you see the world from Lucky’s perspective it makes perfect sense. If the kind man hadn’t been by the dumpster and stopped to help her on that May morning, she would not be alive today.

And there’s one more very important “luck” related part to this story we’re counting on: you. We help the animals who need it most and we know you do, too.   Please share this story with friends and family to help this sweet kitten find the loving home she deserves.  Lucky is a playful, adventurous and sweet lap cat and would thrive in a quiet, stable home.


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