Special Teen Makes Special Donation

We knew Kerry Brown was doing a donation drive for us. But we never expected this!

kb2How do you thank a teenager who donates 628 pounds of cat food and over $200 in donations to help the animals? Because she had an optional community service project for school and wanted to help homeless animals.

Words can’t express our gratitude to Kerry Brown of Shelton, CT.

This amazing young woman left no stone un-turned during her month-long quest for donations to help The Animal Center’s rescued cats and kittens.

How did she do it? With the guidance from her mother, Rose, Kerry reached out to family and friends, she sent a donation request article to the CT Post and Shelton Herald– they even asked for “wanted” items on Freecycle. Flyers were printed and hung up all over her town.

They contacted all the local veterinarians, pet supply stores and grocery stores. Then emails were sent to manufacturers of pet food and pet supplies. Huge recycling bins were placed in the driveway of their Shelton home.

People from all over brought cat food, kitten chow, litter, toys and many other much needed supplies! Donations were rolling in at such a good clip that Kerry had to empty the bins, sometimes twice a day, to store on pallets in her garage. Kind neighbors pitched in.

Kerry had also nominated The Animal Center for an invitational grant opportunity through a unique partnership of HALO Pet Food, Free Kibble.com and GreaterGood.org. During the final week of her collections, The Animal Center was contacted with the news that we would be receiving 628 pounds of dry cat food. Wow!!….

We are very grateful to all the animal lovers who supported Kerry’s efforts with donations. And we are especially grateful to Kerry for all her effort and hard work. We are astonished by her kindness and generosity–and we will always remember all the animals she helped through her amazing community project.

If this post inspires even one other teen to do a donation drive to help the local rescue group or shelter in their community, we would call that the “Kerry Effect,” where one act of kindness and compassion to animals ripples goodness throughout the universe.

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