Adoption Fees & Medical Info

Cat Adoption Fees: Adult Cat (5 months +): $75 ;  Kitten (<5 months): $150, $175 for two. We strongly encourage adopting kittens in pairs.

Cat Adoption Form (PDF Format)

Cat Adoption Form (Word Format)


Your adoption fee helps cover the veterinary expenses we incur for that cat or kitten prior to adoption. The veterinary care covered by the adoption fee includes:

  • General Physical Exam: $50-60, Avg. Retail Value
  • Spay or Neuter Surgery*  $125-400, Avg. Retail Value
  • FVRCP (Distemper vaccination): $30-35 per booster, Avg. Retail Value
  • Rabies Vaccination (if appropriate for age of kitten and health of animal): $20-$25, Avg. Retail Value
  • Deworming (at least one): $10-25 per dose, Avg. Retail Value
  • Testing for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus:  $55-60, Avg. Retail Value
  • External parasite treatment (fleas, ticks, mites– as needed): $10-15, Avg. Retail Value
  • Total Avg. Adoption Value:  $300-595

*We have a neuter-before-adoption policy. Early-age spay/neuter is endorsed by the AVMA, the CTVMA, and is best practice in animal sheltering. If the early age spay/neuter concept is new to you, check out this informative article from Best Friends.

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